Transmedia Storytelling

7. November 2020 
17:30 — 18:30  WIB
Moderator: Elisa Audina (Rekata Studio)
Guests: Indah Darmastuti (Difalitera), Sherin Wijaya (Rekata Studio), Putu Fajar Arcana (Harian Kompas)
Language: Indonesian (no interpretation)

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What is transmedia storytelling? What are the challenges in adapting a story from one medium to another? Speakers will share best practices from their latest project and explore the intricacies in adapting a text-based story into an audio-based story. How do text and audio tell a story?
Elisa Audina is part of Rekata Studio, which started with her passion for reading and got the opportunity to participate in the development journey of the Gramedia Writing Project. Being involved in the development of intellectual property owned by the publisher Kompas Gramedia is a form of closer introduction to books and written works.

Indah Darmastuti was born and lives in Solo. Writing prose, children's stories, performing arts reviews, dance. She is the founder of, a voice literature website for the blind that can be accessed and downloaded for free. She also created Teras Baca, providing activities to read novels with the blind. Currently, he is compiling a documentation of the local languages of the archipelago which was compiled at Her latest book is a collection of stories, Pengukur Bobot Dosa, published by Marjinkiri (2020).

Sherina Wijaya is a final year student at the University of Pennsylvania and Market Analyst Intern at Rekata Studio. Apart from studying business and marketing, Sherina is also active in various arts groups in Indonesia and the United States.

Putu Fajar Arcana, born in Bali 1965, is a journalist who is skilled in writing in various literary genres: his monologues are used as the mandatory script for the National Student Arts Competition and Festival (FLS2N) held by the National Achievement Center of the Ministry of Education and Culture of the Republic of Indonesia. Two of his new books have been published during the corona pandemic, namely ePILOG: Esai Kebudayaan Kompas (essay) and Budak Naga (poetry). He has also written three collections of short stories: Bunga Jepun (2002), Samsara (2005), and Drupadi (2016). His novel Gandamayu (2012) was performed by Teater Garasi in 2012 at the Gedung Kesenian Jakarta (GKJ). In 1997 he published the poetry anthologies Bilik Cahaya and Manusia Gilimanuk (2012). He founded the Arcana Foundation to hold an online writing course and became the initiator of the 2011 Kompas Short Story Workshop. Putu also joined the creative team for the Indonesian art project Kita with Agus Noor and Butet Kartaredjasa, which performed satirical comedy plays. His journalistic works include travel reports, culinary delights, special interviews, and reviews about art.