Third Edition: "From Curation to Creation"

17 July 2020

The current edition of our online-seminar series will explore ways to use fiction and non-fiction writing to communicate GLAM’s cultural collections.

From the detailed description of the Sistine Chapel in Dan Brown’s novels, the journey and struggle of Prince Diponegoro in our history books, to the coffee table book filled with a compilation of Van Gogh’s works — a book can be a gateway to experiencing the cultural collections of galleries, libraries, art exhibitions, museums and archival institutions in a fun way.

With the right collaboration, a book can become a channel for distributing information, can be used for promotional purposes, and can be a means for monetizing GLAM institutions.

How can the collections of museums and galleries be transformed into works of fiction or non-fiction? What are the things to consider in the written publication? How does the book publishing industry work? Find the answer to all of the above questions in the Retas Budaya online-seminar series “From Curation to Creation”!

Paulus Eko Nugroho - Presentation - 17 July 2020

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