Sixth Edition: "Designing Virtual Experience for Museums and Galleries"

28 August 2020

Interaction with visitors is important for museums and galleries. Apart from having a mission to save and preserve cultural collections, museums and galleries also have a responsibility to provide information and education about their collections.

Interaction includes physical as well as online interaction via websites and applications operated by museums and galleries. With the help of digital technology, museums and galleries can integrate data, audio visual elements, entertainment, and marketing to create meaningful virtual interaction between visitors and cultural collections.

How can we design interactive activities for cultural collections that are entertaining but also educational?

This online seminar will include presentations and guidelines for displaying multimedia content online for museums and galleries while exploring the resulting opportunities for maximum benefit.
Azizah Assattari (responsible for Immersive Virtual Technology at Rekata Studio & Founder of Lentera Nusantara), Adi Putera Widjaja (CEO Pigijo), and Eko Nugroho (Senior Editor of Elex Media Publishing) will share their experiences and strategies in designing interactive multimedia content. The discussion will be guided by Melvi (Taman Bacaan Masyarakat) as the moderator.

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