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doublelucky productions - True You (We Know How You Feel)
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Fr/21/June/11:30 - 12:30
True You (we know how you feel)

Lecture performance / premiere

Artist: doublelucky productions
Language: German/English
Lichthaus Kino 3

New machines not only want to know where we are, what we purchase, and how many steps we take a day, but also how we feel. When we are emotional, we are focused entirely on ourselves: in our affects, our true selves are revealed. Voice analysis, microexpression analysis, visualizing brain waves are valid methods of so-called “affective computing” to read the truth from the body, making the latest software operate like lie detectors. In their lecture performance, the artist collective doublelucky productions explores this development of artistic intelligence in the tradition of polygraphs back to medieval divine judgment and looks into a future in which everyone carries a smart truth-finding machine in their trouser pocket.

Christiane Kühl and Chris Kondek (text, performance, video), Hannes Strobl (music), Kim Albrecht (IT, data visualization). Thanks to: Adam Butler.