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The Cleaners
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The Cleaners

Th/20/June/16:00 - 18:00 Film screening followed by discussion
Documentary, DE 2018

Speaker: Hans Block
Presented by: Anna Schweiger-Hassert
Language Film: English with English subtitles
Language Talk: English
Lichthaus Kino 1

The Cleaners reveals a gigantic shadow industry in what is called “content moderation”. On behalf of the big Internet giants, tens of thousands of workers delete incriminating photos and videos from Facebook, YouTube, Twitter & Co. in ten-hour shifts in Manila, the world's largest outsourcing location. The criteria and specifications used to determine which photos and videos are deleted number among Silicon Valley’s best protected secrets. People doing this job are under enormous stress due to the huge responsibility, the brutality of the traumatizing images and the obligation to remain silent about their work. In addition, the film impressively shows how fake news and hatred spread through social networks and how dangerous this is for democracy and social cohesion.