Regression R.I.P. Democracy

R.I.P. Democracy
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R.I.P. Democracy. How Do Democracies Die?
Th/20/June/16:45 - 17:45

Panel discussion

Speaker: Pankaj Mishra, Emile Chabal, Ece Göztepe
Presented by: Berthold Franke
Language: English/German
Bauhaus-Universität, Audimax

Against the backdrop of the fall of the Berlin Wall and the Soviet Union’s collapse, it seemed that the triumphal march of democracy was unstoppable. Thirty years later, democrats worldwide feel disenchanted and helpless. In many countries, angry citizens are protesting in the streets and voting for politicians who represent autocratic structures, either covertly or openly. Are we currently seeing the demise of democracy? Which factors determine whether a democracy “tips” over the edge and makes way for an authoritarian system? Experts from Turkey, Great Britain and India seek answers to these questions – and strategies to rescue open, liberal societies.