Regression Center for Political Beauty

Center for Political Beauty
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Center for Political Beauty. Creative Strategies Against Right-wing Populism
Fr/21/June/09:00 - 09:30


Speaker: Cesy Leonard
Presented by: Tilo Jung
Language: German with English interpretation
Bauhaus-Universität, Audimax

The Center for Political Beauty (ZPS) describes itself as “an assault team that establishes moral beauty, political poetry and human greatness”. This alliance of artists and creative minds is dedicated to political resistance and to establishing “aggressive humanism”. Thanks to its artistic interventions, the Center has attracted great attention in Germany for several years now. One particularly well-known intervention entailed erecting a copy of the Berlin Holocaust Memorial right next to the home of right-wing populist politician Björn Höcke. In her lecture, Cesy Leonard, part of the creative ZPS core team, presents art that “must hurt, provoke and rise in revolt”.