Regression Politics for Digital Natives

Digital Natives
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Politics for Digital Natives. New Formats of Political Education
Fr/21/June/12:30 - 13:00


Speakers: Tilo Jung, Juan Carlos Rincón
Presented by: Melanie Stein
Language: German and English with interpretation
Lichthaus Kino 3

The generation born around the turn of the millennium does not seem receptive to classic political rituals nor to the traditional media that their parents grew up with. Digital natives worldwide share one key hallmark: they get information primarily via social networks like YouTube, Twitter or Instagram, all of which are often an utter mish-mash of facts, claims and opinions of varying degrees of reliability. Successful German political YouTuber Tilo Jung and his Colombian colleague Juan Carlos Rincón discuss how to spark interest in political content among the next generation - and the kind of changes that can be expected in years to come as today's youth gradually grow up and take on responsibility.