Autonomy Killer robots

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Killer robots. The Disturbing Perspective of Autonomous Weapons
Fr/21/June/09:30 - 10:30

Panel discussion

Speakers: Thompson Chengeta, Toby Walsh, Kara Frederick, Noel Sharkey
Presented by: Tilo Jung
Language: English with German interpretation
Bauhaus-Universität, Audimax

Wars haven’t been fought face to face for a long time. Unmanned drones attack distant targets with cold precision. Weapons like that have so far ultimately still been controlled by humans. Recent years, however, beneath the radar of public attention, have seen enormous progress in the development of autonomous weapons that can take independent decisions and extinguish life. Combining autonomous weapon systems with other technologies – such as automated face recognition – opens up completely new scenarios of threat. Internationally, there is vocal protest about the evolution and deployment of such killing machines. Are there nevertheless arguments to support the use of autonomous weapons? Or are processes already being set in motion today that it will no longer be possible to control tomorrow – and which represent a fundamental threat to all of us?