Diginomics The Future of Work

The Future of Work
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The Future of Work
Th/20/June/14:30 - 15:30

Panel discussion

Speakers: Matthias Maier, Nicole Scoble-Williams, Krish Chetty
Presented by: Inge Kloepfer
Language: German and English with interpretation
Lichthaus Kino 1

Far-reaching technical transformations are causing massive upheavals in the worlds of work. In contrast to the Industrial Revolution or the advent of manufacturing assembly lines, almost all industries are affected by the current change. Growing digitalization and global networking, coupled with the spread of artificial intelligence, mean that many jobs will be lost – in some cases because they will be replaced by algorithms. At the same time, new fields of employment will emerge. The increasingly entrenched platform-based gig economy provides no security – but offers maximum flexibility. There is intense debate on various models for working hours, and calls for an unconditional basic income are gaining more and more supporters internationally. How will the concept and practice of work change in the years and decades to come?