Autonomy What kind of Morals do Machines need?

What kind of Morals do Machines need?
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What kind of Morals do Machines need?
Th/20/June/10:45 - 11:45

Breitband | Deutschlandfunk Kultur

Language: German with English interpretation
Lichthaus Kino 1

The majority of experts now agree that artificial intelligence will be one of the technologies profoundly influencing society today and in the future, perhaps even the most impactful. What particular problems do artificial intelligence and algorithmic decision-making pose? Where and how should we intervene to ensure ethical principles are respected – and which principles, actually? Which points in the current debate have any substance and how does this discussion allow us to shirk responsibility by concealing the real issues? Experts will discuss morality and values in artificial intelligence in media partner Deutschlandfunk Kultur’s digital format Breitband – live from the Weimar Culture Symposium!