Orientation Tech euphoria vs. anxiety about the future

Tech euphoria vs. anxiety about the future
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Tech Euphoria vs. Anxiety About the Future. Why some People see Opportunities rather than Risks - and Vice Versa
Th/20/June/12:00 - 13:00

Studio 9 (live) | Deutschlandfunk Kultur

Speakers: Lotte Effinger, Wolfgang Müller-Pietralla, Arndt Röskens
Presented by: Korbinian Frenzel
Language: German with English interpretation
Lichthaus Kino 1

In Germany, debate about the impact of future technologies on society often focuses on threatening aspects: Is increasing automation leading to new mass unemployment? Is all-encompassing monitoring of our lives just a matter of time? Will artificial intelligence one day develop a dangerous life of its own? Others, instead, above all see the opportunities and possibilities of new technologies. Why are some individuals, and even entire societies, more optimistic about future developments than others? What role do individual dispositions and family backgrounds play, as well as cultural and historical influences? Arndt Röskens, a cultural manager who lives in South Korea, Berlin artist Lotte Meret Effinger and VW futurologist Wolfgang Müller-Pietralla discuss these questions in media partner Deutschlandfunk Kultur's lunchtime program, Studio 9 – live from the Weimar Culture Symposium!