Diginomics Job Interview with a Recruiting Bot

Bewerbungsgespräch mit einem Recruiting Bot
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The Use of Artificial Intelligence in Selection Procedures

Fr/21/June/14:00 - 15:00

Lecture and Talk

Speakers: Tim Weitzel, Gabriele Jahn
Presented by: Inge Kloepfer
Language: German with English interpretation
Lichthaus Kino 1

Can artificial intelligence make more objective decisions than humans? That, at least, is the premise for the use of AI in human resources management. Where people make subjective decisions under the influence of sympathies and personal daily form, algorithms analyze communication patterns in a cool and emotionless way and draw conclusions about how well an applicant is suitable as a manager. Based on an exemplary interview with such a recruiting bot, the experienced personnel manager Gabriele Jahn and Tim Weitzel, Director of the Centre of Human Resources Information Systems (CHRIS) at the University of Bamberg, discuss the opportunities and limits of automation in human resources management.