Daring to Explore Quantum Creativity

Berlin Science Week

Grey and Blue Visual - Text: Daring to Explore Quantum Creativity © Eps51 8 NOVEMBER 2023, 6:30PM - EINSTEIN CENTER DIGITAL FUTURE, BERLIN 

As part of the virtual colloquium Exploring Quantum Through Art and Design, Studio Quantum hosted Daring to Explore Quantum Creativity, a live event at this year's Berlin Science Week in collaboration with Berlin University of Arts (UdK) and Roman Lipski Studio.
  • Dancer Hannah Schillinger performing her solo "screenplay". She is standing on one leg holding her right leg in her arms and looks intently into the distance. ©Alicja Hoppel
  • Oliver Benson is speaking in front of a screen holding a mic in his hand ©Alicja Hoppel
  • Approx. 70 people watching 3 people speak in front of a screen showing a colourful image. The scene is shown from the audiences perspective in a room at Einstein Center Digital Future, Berlin. ©Alicja Hoppel
  • Three people are shown in conversation. The person in the middle, Roman Lipski is holding a mic and talks while Roisin Kiberd to his right and Tim Schröder to his left are looking at him and listening to him. ©Alicja Hoppel
  • Artist Amy Karle is standing behind a lecturn with her laptop on it. She is standing in front of a screen and speaking into a mic. In the backgraound, Roisin Kiberd is sitting on a stool and is looking over her shoulder at the screen. ©Alicja Hoppel
  • Amy Karle is sitting next to Roisin Kiberd. She is smiling and speaking into a microphone ©Alicja Hoppel
  • Roisin Kiberd, Roman Lipski and Tim Schröder are sitting on stools in front of a screen holding microphones loosely in their hands. Tim is speaking into his mic while Roisin is looking at him and Roman is looking into the distance. ©Alicja Hoppel
  • A woman with brown hair wearing black is walking through a door. She is looking at a poster which advertises the Berlin Science Week to her right and is touching the door onto which the poster is taped. © Alicja Hoppel
  • 3 people are pictured in conversation with each other. They are looking at each other holding wine glasses in their hands, talking and smiling. © Alicja Hoppel

'Daring to Explore Quantum Creativity' was an evening of exploratory conversation and performance around the potential of quantum creativity.

Prof. Dr. Oliver Benson (Professor for Experimental Physics, HU Berlin) kicked off the evening with an introduction to quantum mechanics.

Visual artist Roman Lipski outlined his innovative work on “Quantum Blur”, a technique for manipulating images using quantum operations and engage in an interdisciplinary discussion with Prof. Dr. Tim Schröder (Head of the Integrated Quantum Photonics Group, HU Berlin).

Berlin based choreographer, dancer and visual artist Hannah Schillinger performed part of her solo “screen play”, connecting quantum with performance art and opening our eyes to new perspectives and principles of quantum physics.

How can art help us understand quantum technologies? Studio Quantum artist-in-residence Amy Karle (United States) shared valuable insights into their practice and how their multidisciplinary research and work is developing.

To conclude the evening, Prof. Dr. Gesche Joost (Head of the UdK Design Research Lab, founding member of the Einstein Center Digital Future and Vice President of the Goethe-Institut) commented on the potential for quantum technologies and interdisciplinary creativity.

This event was part of the virtual colloquium “Exploring Quantum Through Art and Design” by Universität der Künste Berlin (UdK) and the Goethe-Institut’s global project Studio Quantum. This live edition of the online colloquium as part of Berlin Science Week was organised in collaboration with Roman Lipski Studio.