Understanding Quantum


Dreaming Quantum Futures
© Goethe-Institut | Photo: Pau Ros
Speakers & Guests | Entangled Event
© Goethe-Institut: Molly Keane
Sounding Qubits - photo from the performance
© Goethe-Institut | Pau Ros
Living in a Quantum State at re:publica festival in Berlin
© Goethe-Institut | Photo: Bernahrd Ludewig


Podcast: How can art help us understand quantum computing?

What exactly is a quantum computer? Have you ever wondered what all the media hype is about or how quantum computing may impact our everyday lives? In this podcast, we talk to quantum expert Emily Haworth, curator Lucy Rose Sollitt and Professor Eduardo Miranda to learn about quantum technologies and the arts. 

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This glossary was created by Daniel Cavalcanti / Bitflow.studio and commissioned by arebyte for Libby Heaney's The Evolution of Ent-: QX exhibition, 2022. Click on the concepts to read the definitions.