Mirath:Music 2021

Co-Productions 2020

In 2020, as a first elaboration of the topic and in response to the Covid-Pandemic, online co-productions were realized. Seven participating artists of Mirath:Music have each selected a topic of their interest and have, over the course of six weeks, collaborated with another artists from the group on realizing productions that deal with the overarching theme of musical heritage in very different ways. The online co-productions are to be considered a first exploration of the topic, that are not featured within the exhibition.

Grapic Score
© M E T O N Y M I A by Rehab Hazgui
Tariqah waSawt fi alWusta           طريقة وصوت في الوسطى
© Tariqah waSawt fi alWusta طريقة وصوت في الوسطى; Image detail
Mohamed Adam
© Kor Magla by Mohamed Adam
Mirage by Hajar Zahawy
© Mirage by Hajar Zahawy
Trance & Dance by Amil Zen
© Trance & Dance by Amil Zen
Pride by Zaid Hilal
© Pride by Zaid Hilal