Mirath:Music Bonn

From the 9th to the 27th of August, the Mirath:Music Sound-Exhibition about musical heritage in the SWANA region was shown in Bonn, realized through a collaboration with ARTpolis – Community Arts & Music Lab c/o BIM e.V.. 

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The exhibition opened at the Fabrik 45 with a live concert by the 1001 Takt ensemble and a presentation and workshop by participating artist Zaid Hilal, inviting the audience to get to know different musical traditions from the region and Palestine. 
It subsequently moved into the public urban space, where passers by could take a rest and listen to an eclectic collection of tracks, spanning from classical levantine Arabic music to sound art from Tunisia, from Sudanese folk songs to Algerian Amazigh musical traditions. 
The exhibition then came to an end at Migrapolis in Bonn, where artist Ghassan Sahhab from Lebanon offered a workshop on Levantine maqamat that culminated in a live performance during the finissage.

We are very happy to have seen Mirath:Music being realized in Bonn, reaching a highly diverse audience. It introduced new musical influences and discourses from the SWANA region to artists and the wider public in Bonn and led to a vivid and fruitful exchange between people from various backgrounds. 

The Mirath:Music sound-exhibition is available for free. For further information and to get in touch, please visit: www.goethe.de/mirathmusic

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