Whether it’s music, soccer, film, sustainability or topics around Germany in general, here at the Goethe Institut San Francisco we’ve been creating exciting and entertaining content for German learners through our online platform Step into German since 2015. Our materials aim to introduce you to the German language and to contemporary German culture. You can improve your vocabulary and even – no need to panic – your grammar in an easy-going way, while simultaneously diving into the German speaking world.

All of our content is accessible worldwide. Whether you’re an interested German learner or a German teacher, we invite you to browse and discover. Feel free to use our materials!

A big thank you to all of our colleagues in Montréal, Toronto, Chicago, Washington, D.C. and Mexico City for their support!

*Our content is particularly suitable for teenagers at A2/B1 level. **Our competitions are unfortunately only available to students in Canada, the US, Mexico, Central America and the Caribbean.


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