Think German

Think German seeks to promote the German language and the culture of German-speaking countries. The founding institutions behind the initiative seek to support those who want to learn or teach German, or who want to live, study, or work in Germany or a German-speaking country. 

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GIMAGINE promotes and supports the learning of German as a foreign language in the UK. The project centres around students, teachers and schools. Apart from offering initiatives for professional advancement to German teachers, the project can fund learning German through scholarships and provides schools with classroom materials and teaching resources.

Get Set, German!

Choose a career – choose German(y). Information day for jobs and studies with German.

What (professional) opportunities are there if you learn German at school or university? Which industries need applicants with German language skills? And how do you apply for a job or internship in the German-speaking world?
Our UK-wide career roadshows offer students a multi-faceted program that provides insight into the relevance of German in professional life.

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Teach abroad

Teach abroad as an English Language Assistant

The British Council’s English Language Assistants (ELA) programme sends around 2,500 English Language Assistants from the UK to support the teaching of English in 14 destinations around the world every year. 
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Professional Development for German Teachers

The Goethe-Institut UK offers a broad portfolio of professional development trainings, either online or on-site: Language courses for German teachers, pedagogical trainings, intercultural courses, conferences and so much more.

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How teaching and learning German in the UK keeps us connected

Language classes at school bring about some of our earliest encounters with foreign languages and cultures. In this episode, Stamatia Kalogeropoulou and Emma Whittle, winners of the German Teacher Award, talk about the joys and challenges of getting pupils, parents and headteachers interested in German. In conversation with Bernardette Holmes, expert on education policy, they share the secret of how 'Vanillekipferln' can keep nations connected.

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Study in Germany

Germany has many different kinds of universities, all of which offer excellent quality. The German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) offers information and help when it comes to finding scholarships and the right fit for you. 

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