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    Fikrun wa Fann is a cultural magazine that encourages and makes a contribution towards shaping cultural exchange between Germany and Islam-orientated cultural groups. Authors from Germany, Europe and the Islamic world have their say alongside other international voices. In addition to information and dialogue with and within Islam-orientated countries, Fikrun wa Fann also offers a literary forum for current socio-political debates.
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    Institutions or people in Islamic countries who are employed in the journalism or culture sectors have the option to obtain a free subscription.
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    Fikrun wa Fann "On Literature"

    Literature starts with publishing. Something that has been taken for granted in Europe since Gutenberg in the sixteenth century, namely that books will be printed, distributed by publishers and sold in bookshops, was in many countries – especially in Africa – only ever true to a limited extent. Today we too, in the prosperous West, no longer know whether this publishing model will endure. E-books and online bookshops are in the process of destroying the traditional book market. But electronic publication and other alternatives to the classic publishing model, with its publishing houses and bookshops, also offer many new opportunities. More ...

    Read Fikrun wa Fann "On Literature" on your smart phone, BlackBerry or e-reader! Go to download...
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