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    About Fikrun

    Fikrun wa Fann is a cultural magazine that encourages and makes a contribution towards shaping cultural exchange between Germany and Islam-orientated cultural groups. Authors from Germany, Europe and the Islamic world have their say alongside other international voices. In addition to information and dialogue with and within Islam-orientated countries, Fikrun wa Fann also offers a literary forum for current socio-political debates.
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    Institutions or people in Islamic countries who are employed in the journalism or culture sectors have the option to obtain a free subscription.
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    Fikrun wa Fann "Education"

    The argument about education is a cultural battle that every society is fighting, however poor or rich, advanced or unprogressive. Whoever makes decisions about education has power and influence over the next generation – or believes they do. This is the only explanation for the frequent confusion in the education systems described by our authors in this edition. We invite our readers on a virtual ‘educational trip’, from East to West. More ...

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