Visions of tomorrow’s society


This year five Cultural Innovation Days on a larger scale are planned between 10th-16th November 2014 in five cities: Algiers, Bagdad, Beirut, Berlin and Thessaloniki. The CIN Events will be programmed around the common framing topic “SHARING INNOVATION”.

Taking place in Goethe-Institutes and other external venues, CIN DAY will showcase the projects of the Cultural Innovators Network as well as the results of other Transformation projects, and should invite other partners and movements working on similar themes to showcase their work and to inspire others to be involved in cultural innovation projects or to launch their own, to promote intercultural dialogue and exchange and to contribute to potential new memberships and partnerships inside and outside the Cultural Innovators Network.

In addition to providing the public with an open, free space, the CIN DAY in each city will involve artistic performances, music events, video screenings, exhibitions and one or two debates on issues of contemporary relevance to cultural innovation in the region.

More detailed program information will follow soon.

News: Ideas become reality

The Mediterranean region is in motion. Projects, initiatives and ideas developed by the youth are leading this transformation. Whether they are out in the streets or working behind closed doors, young people are active – locally, regionally and internationally – to create a better future.

The Cultural Innovators Network (CIN) is part of this movement. Here we showcase projects, ideas and movements in the countries around the Mediterranean and Germany. Ideas of young people who offer solutions, encourage alternatives and advocate for change. More ...