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News: Outlook 2015

2014 was a year of maturation for the Cultural Innovators Network. It became more professional, more sustainable and more structured. 2015 will be a year of further growth and outreach.

In order to accomplish these goals, the necessary steps were made. The CIN now has a constitution, a member base that understands and trusts each other, as well as a Steering Committee that is geared towards the future.
In 2015, the cooperation of the members will be further facilitated through an internal, online communication tool and knowledge database. The network's institutional structures will be further improved to ensure its self-sustainability. Furthermore, capacity-building measures will enhance the capabilities of the members to bring about positive impact into the societies of the Euro-MENA region.

More profound and target-oriented projects will be designed to ensure local impact that is more sustainable in the long-run and even more effective. Outreach programs and a flagship project will synergize with the networks' energies.
At the heart of all these efforts stands the cooperation between young motivated people that constantly work for positive change in the world. There are plenty of groups and people that believe in the same ideals. In order to reach out to them, the CIN will work with new partners, to build a freer and more just society.

The year 2015 will be the year of change.

News: Ideas become reality

The Mediterranean region is in motion. Projects, initiatives and ideas developed by the youth are leading this transformation. Whether they are out in the streets or working behind closed doors, young people are active – locally, regionally and internationally – to create a better future.

The Cultural Innovators Network (CIN) is part of this movement.
Here we showcase projects, ideas and movements in the countries around the Mediterranean and Germany. Ideas of young people who offer solutions, encourage alternatives and advocate for change. More ...


    This year five CULTURAL INNOVATION DAYS on a larger scale had been planed between 10th-16th November 2014 in five cities: Algiers, Baghdad, Beirut, Berlin and Thessaloniki. The CIN Events were programmed around the common framing topic

    Taking place in Goethe-Institutes and other external venues, CULTURAL INNOVATION DAY showcased the projects of the Cultural Innovators Network as well as the results of other Transformation projects, and should invited other partners and movements working on similar themes to showcase their work and to inspire others to be involved in cultural innovation projects or to launch their own, to promote intercultural dialogue and exchange and to contribute to potential new memberships and partnerships inside and outside the Cultural Innovators Network.

    In addition to providing the public with an open, free space, the CULTURAL INNOVATION DAY in each city involved artistic performances, music events, video screenings, exhibitions and one or two debates on issues of contemporary relevance to cultural innovation in the region.

    CINnovation Journeys program

    The aim of this program is mobility, the building of capabilities and networking between CIN members. Furthermore, the knowledge and experience that was acquired during the journey will be transferred to the local surrounding once the CINnovator returned home through a presentation, seminar, debate or an exhibition.

    The CINnovation Journeys were presented in two formats, each lasting a maximum of one week:

    Job Shadowing: Twinning CIN members’ organizations in a short period with the idea of connecting CIN organizations and developing further potential opportunities for independent collaboration between the organizations of the region.
    Flexible Short-Term Program: CIN members can decide on specific actions that they find pertinent for the time of the trip: i.e. Cultural innovation Days, CIN project actions or local events.
    For the CINnovators these journeys were part of an active networking with local initiatives, NGOs and organizations, which is crucial for the further development of CIN as a network and for individual CIN projects. The CINnovation Journeys were a great opportunity to empower one's own or someone else's CIN project by involving more CIN members as participants and contributors to the project's activities.

    After the journey, the CINnovator made a detailed narrative and visual report about his or her stay, and created a list of contacts and associations met for the CIN database of potential partners.

    The CINnovation Journeys took place in November 2014.

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