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Aktuelles: The Cultural Innovators Network in 2015

“The ship that is CIN will head for new waters in 2015 – but not for calmer waters, as a storm of participation must and will blow the sails.”

Franziska Dusch (CIN Steering Committee member)

The Cultural Innovators Network draws its strength from its members. That is why these exact members, 130 young people from over 30 different countries, will be moved further into the spotlight of the network – because innovation is the result of bringing ideas together and bringing them to life.
In the year 2015, eleven working groups will be established within the network. These will develop new ideas, deal with organizational matters and work closely with the Steering Committee.

Additionally, at least one international meeting will take place in the course of this year which will give the CIN members a chance to take part in further professional workshops on capacity building, and to share new social, cultural and artistic project concepts. From these concepts, approximately ten new projects will be derived. At least three already established projects will continue to be funded to ensure their sustainability.

Furthermore, the CINnovation Journeys and the CINcubator will ensure regular communication and exchange between members and the realization of their ideas in cooperation with other partners. In November 2015, the CINers will organize six new Cultural Innovation Days in six different cities of the EURO-MENA region to attract new partners for the Cultural Innovators Network and to raise awareness for CIN projects.

The CIN Steering Committee will continue to make strategic decisions, coordinate tasks and ensure the network’s development towards more dynamics and sustainability. In order to achieve that, the tasks within the Committee are distributed in such a way that they correspond best to the skills and abilities of the members.

The Cultural Innovators Network is on its way to become an international legal entity, registered in Belgium.
To enhance the impact of project objectives, an all-round evaluation will be conducted. Each part of the network will be closely observed to find out how to make it even more efficient and innovative.
To concentrate all of the network’s energies and to enhance its impact, a flagship project will be conceptualized in 2015. In the name of interculturality, innovation and the improvement of the spirit of togetherness of people in the MENA region, this project is meant to show how young CINers independently contribute to making the world a better place.

CIN also has its own website now. At, the latest news on CIN and information on the network are available. The website also offers a platform for CINers to communicate with each other.

    © Foto: Raphael Thelen

    News: Ideas become reality

    The Mediterranean region is in motion. Projects, initiatives and ideas developed by the youth are leading this transformation. Whether they are out in the streets or working behind closed doors, young people are active – locally, regionally and internationally – to create a better future.

    The Cultural Innovators Network (CIN) is part of this movement.
    Here we showcase projects, ideas and movements in the countries around the Mediterranean and Germany. Ideas of young people who offer solutions, encourage alternatives and advocate for change.
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      Between 10th-16th November 2014 five CULTURAL INNOVATION DAYS took place in five cities:
      Algiers, Baghdad, Beirut, Berlin and Thessaloniki.

      The CIN Events were programmed around the common framing topic “SHARING INNOVATION”.

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      CINnovation Journeys program

      The aim of this program is mobility, the building of capabilities and networking between CIN members. Furthermore, the knowledge and experience that was acquired during the journey will be transferred to the local surrounding once the CINnovator returned home through a presentation, seminar, debate or an exhibition.
      The CINnovation Journeys were presented in two formats, each lasting a maximum of one week:
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