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Shanty Harmayn Hofman

Shanty Harmayn attained her bachelor's degree from the University of Indonesia and received a master's degree in Documentary Film from the Stanford University.

Shanty Harmayn founded Salto Films, a Jakarta based Film Company, in 1998. Salto Films focuses on producing and distributing distinctive films helmed by strong filmmakers and talented newcomers. The company credits include award-winning international co-productions, The Photograph (2007) and Whispering Sands (2001), directed by Indonesia’s leading female director, Nan Achnas. The Photograph won the Special Jury Prize at the Karlovy Vary International Film Festival 2008. And The Dancer (2011) by Ifa Isfansyah which won Best Indonesian film in 2011 and became Indonesia’s submission to the Academy Awards 2013.

In 2008, Salto Film Company established a new unit, SBO Films, aim at producing a slate of films for wider range of audience. Garuda di Dadaku, SBO first film became 2009 summer holiday box office hit in Indonesia, with more than 1,4 million admissions in a nationwide theatrical release. Garuda di Dadaku 2, the sequel was released in December 2011, and another sequel is currently being developed for 2013 production.

In 1999, she co-founded and co-directed the Jakarta International Film Festival with Natacha Devillers until 2004. She currently sits as Board Member of Jakarta International Film Festival and Screen Singapore.

In 2002, she also co-founded In-Docs, a not for profit independent initiative to promote the development and promotion of Documentary Filmmaking throughout Indonesia with the support of the Ford Foundation. In 2005, In-Docs and Metro TV, a national Television station, launched Eagle Award, an annual national documentary workshop and competition for first time documentary filmmakers.

She now resides in Singapore and managing her Singapore based cross platform media company called Kawi Content.

Film list:

  • Libraries on Fire: When an elder dies, A book burns (Producer. A series on endangered oral traditions in Indonesia consisting of “Rasinah, the Dalang Topeng” and “The Last Bissu” directed and co-produced by Rhoda Grauer)
  • Lontar On the Record (2004, Producer. The series profiles 6 Indonesian writers: Ahmad Tohari, Gerson Poyk, Sapardi Djoko Damono, Hana Rambe and Achdiat Kartamihardja)
  • A Ray of Hope (2004, Producer. A story of three Indonesian students who struggle for higher education)