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Nusasonic – Crossing Aural Geographies

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2-13 October 2018, Yogyakarta, IndonesiaNusasonic – Crossing Aural Geographies

Nusasonic is a multi-year project that plunges into a broad spectrum of experimental sound and music cultures in Southeast Asia, enabling dialogue within the region, with Europe, and beyond. It kicks off 2–13 October 2018 in Yogyakarta, Indonesia, beginning as a multi-day lab where new artist pairings, a hacklab, and a sonic wilderness group play together and create new musical works, ideas, and possibilities. Later in the week and weekend, the festival showcases the results of these works within a programme that also includes concerts, a club night, guerrilla outdoor events, and daytime programme of talks, panels, and workshops. more...




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2.10. - 12.10.2018
MusicMakers Hacklab – Play Ecology

The MusicMakers Hacklab is a weeklong open, collaborative laboratory hosted by Peter Kirn of CDM (cdm.link) and created in collaboration with CTM Festival since 2013.

Jessica Ekomane


Peter Kirn [US/DE], Yennu Ariendra & J. ‘Mo’ong’ Santoso Pribadi [ID], Jessica Ekomane [FR/DE], Cheryl Ong + Kok Siew-Wai + Nadya Hatta + Riska Farasonalia [INT]

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Sonic Wilderness [INT], MusicMakers Hacklab: Play Ecology [INT], Kombo [INT], Erick Calilan [PH] & Duto Hardono [ID],  Jogja Noise Bombing [ID], mobilegirl [DE], Nadah el Shazly [EG], Potro Joyo [ID], Uwalmassa [ID], Opium Hum [DE], more

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