Strategy Workshop

Aung Nwai Htway

DocNetAung Nwai Htway was born in Yangon in 1970. He received a bachelor's degree in Law in 2007. He took a Forever Group course in editing and subsequently joined the INGO Population Services International (PSI/Myanmar). Since 2004 to date, at the capacity as an editor, he edited 50 over of documentary, short film and television commercial Ads.

He began attending YFS workshops in 2006 to 2010, tried his hand at directing for the first time with A Piece of Eden (2007), which he also edited and the second is Rays of Hope (2008). He edited the documentary about deforestation Our Forest Our Future (2009) and directed and edited the documentary of ballooning over Myanmar Landing on the beautiful land (2010). He got the best documentary award from Wathann Film Festival 2012 for his documentary Behind the screen. Now he is finishing true story of Air Bagan project named "Flight W9- 011" as a director and editor. He has a plan to make a documentary Dragon Ladies in the end of 2013.

Aung Nwai Htway