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Joy Romina C. Marcelo

© Joy Marcelo© Joy Romina C. Marcelo Joy Marcelo has been in the television industry since 1995. At that time she joined ABS CBN as writer of Balitang K (News K), the top public affairs program.  In 2002, she moved to her current employer, GMA 7, starting off as a producer of an investigative show, IMBESTIGADOR (the investigator).

She is currently handling two shows of the public affairs department, WISH KO LANG and DAY OFF. WISH KO LANG is a reality wish- granting show that is the country's longest running public service/infotainment show of this kind.  Now on its 11th year, the show documents the lives of people who may have less in life and are wishing for a bountiful future. The show doesn't merely document but answers the need of the case studies in as much as the show can.

She spearheaded the networks "social experiment" shows through WISH KO LANG's good Samaritan program which was launched way back in 2007. The conception and execution of these experiments is under her helm and direction which have yielded hundreds of "idols" or "good samaritans" captured by our hidden cameras.

The 9 year old show DAY OFF documents the work and lives of hardworking Filipinos who are basically the breadwinner of their families and are up to neck with their work that they barely have time for a DAY OFF.  The program offers then a unique get-away , a much deserved "day off" to reward them for their undivided devotion to work and earn a living for the family.