During their ten days in Amman the participants did not only attend workshops, have vivid discussions and improve their intercultural awareness. One of their main tasks was to research and write together and realise some articles – each of them written by mixed teams from European and MEDA countries.

The young journalists could freely chose their topics from a frame given by their trainers which included “Relationship between people”, “Foreign affairs”, “International challenges of Jordan” and “Culture”. During their two days of researching on the ground and practising intercultural teamwork the participants wrote the articles published on this website.


“Researching in a new city was tough – often taxi drivers did not know where a place was so this added to a slight frustration. Overall though, it was a great way to get to know the city. And a fantastic way to meet a diverse group of people living in Amman.”

Patricia O’Callghan, Ireland

“The other main challenge was to bring all the relevant data, but at the same time only the most important pieces of it. In the time we had for our research we managed to retrieve quite a lot of interesting facts and figures, but only very few of them actually made it to the final draft of our article.
When working in a foreign country, where everything’s new and not always understood the way we’re used to, we had to rely a lot on local colleague’s advice. Thanks to them we were equipped with highly useful information and contacts, but yet again we didn’t manage to receive all the information we wanted.”

Ido Liven, Israel

“We met the first women who appears in the beginning of the article in the camp and she invited us to come in. Here there was a clear language barrier and Maha had to do the interviewing. We were surprised by the openness of the people in this miserable situation. It was a bit tough to confront it and be ‘just’ a journalist a take pictures. The best part was playing football with the children. Nice to see them smiling.”

Maha Al-Kahef, Syria, Marina Ferhatovic, Sweden and Haneen Aweis, Palestinian Territories