Learning German

Would you like to learn German? We can offer you the perfect opportunity.

You can find out about:
  • detailed information on our German courses
  • everything there is to know about our examinations
  • information about the common worldwide standards of Goethe-Institut examination and language course levels
  • Materials for online practice
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Bridging the World   deutsch

German language bridges the world. Experiences and impressions - Be part of it!

Alumniportal Deutschland   deutsch

An online platform where Germany-Alumni network with each other as well as with German and international companies, institutions, universities and foundations.

Download our Programme of Events   deutsch deutsch

You can now download our current Programmes of Events as a PDF-File here...

GFL - German as a Foreign Language   deutsch deutsch

What’s the best way for me to learn German? And how should I teach it? What innovative methods and training options are available? And: what is the difference between “German” as a school subject and “German as a foreign language”?

Learning German

Goethe-Institut Portal

German at work

Practise vocational German. You will find lots of work-related exercises for levels A1 to B2. You can learn more about everyday working life in Germany by watching the interviews and films.

Learn German with Deutsch für dich

Learn German together free of charge with "Deutsch für dich"

Ten Reasons to Learn German

Speaking German opens many doors

Multilingualism – Languages Without Borders

We love all languages, not only German! Multilingualism is an everyday reality, also in Germany. What effect does multilingualism have on political, social, spiritual and cultural life?