Artistic interventions

Together we are Belarus

Artistic intervention by Belarusian artist Artiom Rybchynskyj “Together we are Belarus” was intended to be realized in the stations of Minsk city metro. Photos and videos with black-and-white imagery should have appeared in the tunnel – the passage between the two main metro lines. The images by Artiom Rybchynskyj contain pictures of quotidian contemporary urban life. This project was initiated as a reaction to the informational field of Belarus that is full of colorful images of idyllic wellbeing and slogans like “I love Belarus”, “We are Belarus” and “Together we are Belarus”.

The idea of Artiom Rybchinskyj was to put his artistic statement in the crowd, to the metro. By doing this the project might have not only been visible, but also might have provoked discussions and reactions from the passer-by, by inviting him / her to pose a question ‘Who am I? Who am I with?’

This project was not realized in the public space. Documentation presented here contains images that were intended to be shown in the metro stations.
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