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Play is ubiquitous. In business and research the new magic word is gamification: corporations not only use games to advertise their products but also increasingly apply playful concepts to make monotonous work processes more attractive. In the field of art and culture, play has likewise developed its very own dynamic: urban games festivals have arisen whose participants discover unusual perspectives in which online and offline worlds merge into one another. In the visual arts, artists deconstruct, question and reconstitute games and their rules. In combination with computer games, film, music, literature and theatre have transformed their traditional genres into compelling hybrid forms. We present people, projects and concepts that focus on the ideas and forms of play as springboard and as tool.
    PainStation requires of its players not only skill but also toughness: if you lose in this computer game, you are punished. Photo: © //////////fur//// art entertainment interfaces Morawe/Reiff

    Fine Arts

    Mass Market Border Experience Artefacts

    //////////fur//// brings physical reality into virtual games and thereby provides a counter-project to the spectator culture of the digital age. An Interview with Volker Morawe and Tilman Reiff.More ...
      Farmwell (Invisible Playground) An experimental social game about the cultivation and harvesting of very delicious colours. Photo: Merlin Nadj-Torma, 2012

      Urban Life

      The City as Gaming Platform

      The new art form of the urban game raises the question of who controls our public space and lays down the unspoken laws that prevail there. An interview with the game designer collective Invisible Playground.More ...
        Eric Zimmerman

        Science and economy

        Manifesto for a Ludic Century

        Games are ancient. Like making music, telling stories, and creating images, playing games is part of what it means to be human. A basic essay about the leading medium of our time.More ...
          At a “Play with Your Food” dinner… Photo: Nona Schmidt, Illustration: Lina Meyer

          Urban life

          Play with Your Food

          Every child knows the admonition: “Don’t play with your food”. But honestly, everyone likes to play with their food – and if you play with your food, you can perceive it with fresh senses. Lina Meyer, a young food designer describes her work.More ...