Film and literature

Film and Literature

 Board game ”The Hobbit” | © Kosmos Verlag

Off the Bookshelf and onto the Games Table – Literature in the form of a Board Game

Game companies are now making games for the fans of certain books. This enables the players to become the authors of their own stories.More ...
Juli Zeh, Photo: Birgit Franz

“Play is training for life” – Juli Zeh on her play instinct

In her novel Spieltrieb (i.e., Gaming Instinct), Juli Zeh tells of a cruel game that gets out of hand and yet still ends positively. In this interview, too, the lawyer and politically active writer evinces an ambivalent attitude towards play.More ...
Life and play mix in Gregor Schnitzler‘s “Spieltrieb”, (i.e., “Gaming Instinct”), Germany 2013, © Concorde Filmverleih GmbH

Play in Film

People have always played in films, whether in the Western’s poker game, the chess duel or with the modern computer game. Life and play often mix in cinema, acting becomes a masterful bluff and the instinct to play a metaphor for life itself.More ...