In Hedge Knights the players enter the world of punters with the young investment banker Denise. In fast motion they play ten years of the New Economy until the crash. Photo: Paula Reissig

Life has the hottest graphics

Machina eX combines point’n’click adventures and theatre to interactive real-life games on stage. How did this idea evolve and how do the tricky games of machina eX work? An interview with Jan Philip Steimel.More ...
Regiodrom – an experimental game staged for 24 hours at Theater Freiburg; Photo: Maurice Korbel 2013

Game Theatre – Interactive theatre based on computer games

There is nothing that computer gamers hate as much as a “spoiler”. A spoiler is a hint in reviews that reveals the solution of puzzles or significant events of a story. And there is now the danger of spoilers with regard to theatre.More ...