Urban life

Urban Life

The 26m long dragon of Dragonbane was built on a forest harvester. Photo: Janne Käpylehto 2006

Nordic Larp: Performing for the First Person Audience

In the Nordic countries a distinct performance movement has evolved during the last 15 years. Nordic larp is an improvised, collaborative theatrical performance for players who act out fictional characters to create an aesthetic experience for themselves.More ...
Game Boy, Model photo © Colourbox.de

Being in Play

What most gets on your nerves with people playing a game is that they are so unapproachable. You cannot hook up, cannot make contact, cannot establish a bond. You do not exist for the others. For they are in the game.More ...
Farmwell (Invisible Playground) An experimental social game about the cultivation and harvesting of very delicious colours. Photo: Merlin Nadj-Torma, 2012

The City as Gaming Platform

The new art form of the urban game raises the question of who controls our public space and lays down the unspoken laws that prevail there. An interview with the game designer collective Invisible Playground.More ...
At a “Play with Your Food” dinner… Photo: Nona Schmidt, Illustration: Lina Meyer

Play with Your Food

Every child knows the admonition: “Don’t play with your food”. But honestly, everyone likes to play with their food – and if you play with your food, you can perceive it with fresh senses. Lina Meyer, a young food designer describes her work.More ...
Tricky cube; Photo: Sonny Abesamis, Lizenz: (CC BY 2.0)

Rubik’s Cube is Not a Toy

Rubik’s Cube has come into the hands of one-fifth of the entire world. But surprisingly there was no thought of play when the Hungarian architect and lecturer Ernő Rubik invented this unique puzzle toy.More ...
Vectrex with 3D-glasses (Milton Bradley, 1982) in the Computer Game Museum Berlin, Photo: Jörg Metzner, © Computer Game Museum

A Short Cultural History of Computer Games

More and more people are playing them, more and more are buying them: computer games, it is said, have become the new guiding medium. But do we even know exactly what we are talking about when we talk about digital games?More ...