Science and economy

Science and economy

Grafik: Lukasz Dudasz /Grupa Autograf © Goethe-Institut Krakau

PlayStorming – the conference on four levels

Experts from Europe and the USA met at the Goethe-Institute in Krakau to discuss games and their influence on our reality.More ...
Eric Zimmerman

Manifesto for a Ludic Century

Games are ancient. Like making music, telling stories, and creating images, playing games is part of what it means to be human. A basic essay about the leading medium of our time.More ...
The psychologist and play researcher Rolf Oerter, Photo: Rolf Oerter

“Playing makes us flexible” – an Interview with Rolf Oerter

For children, it is indispensable; for adults, an important source of inspiration. An interview with the psychologist and play researcher Rolf Oerter on the importance of play for people.More ...
Games promote numerous skills, Photo: Peter Ziesche, © Computerspielemuseum Berlin

Serious Games – Potential and Challenges

Games promote intelligence and numerous skills. There now exist many relevant studies that confirm the positive effect of digital games – also including some entertainment games, even those focused on action.More ...
Gamification, Photo (detail): ©

Gamification: Life as a (Computer) Game?

Since few things are as motivating as games, game mechanisms are being increasingly integrated into systems with which they otherwise have nothing to do. Earning points is part of everyday life in the age of computer games.More ...