Triptych of the Labyrinths

Interactive works under the banner of PLAY INSTINCT!

7.03. - 19.12.2014; during the opening hours of the institute
Goethe-Institut, Rynek Główny 20, Krakow
Admission free
As part of the project PLAY INSTINCT!, the Potocki Palace is housing three interactive works that play in very different ways with winding paths. Taking part in the exhibition with their works are the Cologne artist duo //////////fur////, the American labyrinth artist Michael McGinnis and the Berlin-based tech-art artist Niklas Roy.

AMAZING - //////////fur////

AMAZING is a voice-guided labyrinth for two players. The players can tilt the playing surface along the longitudinal and transverse axis, and so manoeuvre the ball round the course, only by means of change of pitch. The labyrinth can be mastered only if both singers work together and jointly strike the right note.

Foto: Michał Łepecki

Superplexus Interlace – Michael McGinnis

The Californian artist Michael McGinnis has been designing complex sphere labyrinths since the 1970s. Having begun designing two-dimensional puzzle games, he then created a series of three-dimensional, kinetic sculptures. To guide the ball through the winding paths within the freely moving Plexiglas globe requires a high degree of patience, spatial imagination and instinctive feeling. Though a Superplexus soon reminds inexperienced players of the impossible spaces depicted by M.C. Escher, it obeys fundamental physical laws and is in principle solvable.

Foto: Michał Łepecki

Suck the Balls!– Niklas Roy

Suck the Balls! is a game that cannot be won. This extensive, walk-in installation was developed by Niklas Roy, the “inventor of useless things”, especially for the staircase of the Goethe-Institut Krakow in the Potocki Palace. A modern Sisyphus, the visitor battles against a ball pit. Sucked by a vacuum, the balls vanish only for a short time in the 60 metres long tube system, which extends as a tangle over the players, only to pour back again into the walk-in reservoir.

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