Fingerstache! The Game

Illustration: Łukasz Dudasz, Grupa AutografIllustration: Łukasz Dudasz, Grupa Autograf
Designer: Adam Nelson, David Adamson
Number of Players: 10 and up
Materials required: A felt-tip pen for each player. A can of shaving cream for the Barber. Alcohol wipes for the Snake Oil Salesman.
Moderator(s): 2
Preparation time: 5 minutes
Playing time: 1 hour, 10 minutes for scoring
Playing field: Any party or other crowded area.
Activities: Rock-paper-scissors, drawing moustaches.
License: CC BY-NC

Battle other players to grow your fingerstache, but watch out for the Snake Oil Salesman and the Rogue Barber!


  1. Place your index finger horizontally under your nose to challenge another player to a duel. The opposing player must accept the challenge.
  2. The parties to the duel play best-of-three rounds of rock-paper-scissors. The loser adds two whiskers to the winner's fingerstache, using their pen.
  3. One of the moderators is the Snake Oil Salesman. If a player wins against the Snake Oil Salesman, they win three pairs of whiskers. If a player loses against the Snake Oil Salesman, they lose half of their fingerstache. (optional)
  4. One player starts as the Rogue Barber. The Rogue Barber cannot challenge other players. If a player challenges and wins against the Rogue Barber, that player becomes the Rogue Barber. If a player challenges and loses against the Rogue Barber, that player loses their entire fingerstache (shaving cream does a great job of removing ink from skin). (optional))
  5. The player with the largest fingerstache at the end of the game is the winner!
Handout (PDF, 100 KB)
David Adamson
holds a degree in computer science and now works as a doctoral candidate and academic employee at the Language Technologies Institute in Pittsburgh. Aside from his academic work, he invents games – among others, SMS-based pervasive games for the game development initiative Obscure Games Pittsburgh.

Adam Nelson
Adam Nelson is an award-winning game designer and systems thinker whose aim is to use his work to make people happier and cities more exciting. Out of this thought grew the Pittsburgh-based Initiative City of Play, which he founded and leads to this day.

Illustration: Łukasz Dudasz, Grupa Autograf
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