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Play is a cultural practice that has been part of and formed human societies for thousands of years, stimulated their imagination and inspired them to excel. The daily lives of people of all ages, however, has never before been so pervaded and influenced by elements of play. Observers of this development speak of a trend to “gamification”, the abolition of the line between reality and play, between work and entertainment.

With the project SPIELTRIEB! (Play Instinct!), the Goethe-Institut wants to take into account the growing significance of the phenomenon of play. It is important that play be discussed not only in the commercial but also in the cultural context. In a series of exhibitions, festivals, concerts and discursive formats, the Goethe-Institut will throw light from the most diverse perspectives on the synergy of play with art, science and society. More background information on the subject of play can be found in the magazine.

SPIELTRIEB! is designed as a variable, interdisciplinary travelling format. The series of events will begin in Krakow and Ljubljana in 2014, and in Prague, Budapest, Bratislava, Košice, Tallinn and Vilnius in 2015.