Photos by: Ilya Sturko, Vladimir Gutsu



Barbusse 25 is an uninhabited area located between a residential building and the Evangelical Church within the district of the Jewish neighbourhood and the former Jewish ghetto (1941-1944). During the time of the Jewish neighbourhood, there were a few synagogues on this street, amongst them the biggest Hassidic synagogue in town (a church is currently located in the building of the synagogue). The house in this area was demolished in the 2000s because it was derelict.

Ever since, this place has been a barren area that the local council of Cernauti assigned to the Evangelical Church. Several local firms have contributed to the revamping of this area – joiners (located in the building of a different synagogue), the “Народна допомога” organization and, of course, the Evangelical Church. We are planning to keep organizing lessons and meetings that would acquaint the local communities with their neighbours’ customs and cultures and thus facilitate a mutual dialogue.

One of the positives of this project is that the inhabitants of Barbusse Road were very happy to contribute to this project. They were very interested in it and they supported our initiative. Furthermore, we benefited from the help of volunteers – activists from Cernauti who actually created this space with us. Unfortunately, we received a negative reaction from the neighbours, who were upset because of the loud music and the noise. They asked us to stop organizing concerts in this district. Almost all the wood elements got stolen two months after the opening. Fortunately though we now have the resources to fix the damages.

Natalya Yeremenko, Coordinator