Photos by: Sergey Polyakov


Str. Bogdanova 13 ap. 9. Balcon, ODESSA
Metropolis (Fritz Lang, DE 1927)

The idea of a “Concert on a balcony” came to me by chance. I was sitting on my balcony, at the end of a scorching hot day. I had been out with my friend, swimming and relaxing on the Black Sea shore. Over a cup of tea and a glass of wine, we suddenly started playing music, each in our own way. Ignoring the yells of our neighbours and the comments of passers-by, without hesitating, we decided to perform and just play on our balcony. We invited a lot of musicians and we had the concert premier a month later.

Later, much later, after 5 years that is, the idea re-emerged from out of the blue – to continue the concerts, and the Goethe Institut supported them, but in a different format. This had rather the character of being organized whereby the activity – of the musicians as well as the ideologues of the “Balcony Concerts” - contained a deeper understanding of the whole concept.

At first, we considered the fundamental aspects of everything that was going on, then the participation of the musicians, the media and the cultural institutions of Odessa. The driving force of our activity was, of course, the grant we obtained for the “Concert on a balcony”. Without the financial support, we wouldn’t have been able to reach the status of a major cultural event. We then managed to hire the Western media-art musician, Antonio Brass, who amazed the Odessa audience with his current research in the field of musical and video art. And, of course, the people involved in the project managed to create an environment of understanding and mutual exchange, through their good will and enthusiasm.

I would also like to say a big thank you. The “Concert on a balcony” is still available in Odessa – we later found out that it is part of a complex network of projects organized in Europe and on other continents. We are planning to develop these projects by interacting with different musicians from various cities, regions and countries worldwide. We are not really concerned with the music itself, but above all we appreciate the freedom of the audience to choose the music they want to listen to. We are determined to do music for each and everyone – anything that can be sung and played and listened to.

Come over to Odessa, where you will be the most welcomed of guests!

Dmitro Dulfan, Coordinator