Photos by: Ruben Agadjanean

THE SPIRIT OF NATURE (installation)

The Industrial-Pedagogical Vocational School, Cahul

The initiative for this project comes out of the need to reunite the students with their Art teachers around the values of culture and the arts. To put the project into practice we used an area of the park belonging to the Industrial-Pedagogical Vocational School. We used one of the rooms of the said institution for the meeting with the project participants and a film screening. The film was introduced by Vlad Socurenco.

We showcased an outdoor installation in the park, as a manifesto for the protection of the environment. We chose this space because we found it best suited our purpose. In want of a fixed venue for the organizing of cultural activities, this would be a suitable and original place for such events.

As much as we may try to ignore it, nature is part of our being. We have to learn to understand and accept it and make it part of our lifestyle and the things that surround us. Artistic elements integrated into nature have certain advantages like light and colour.

Lumina este un factor important, care ne dăruie de fiecare dată o viziune nouă asupra produsului artistic, în fiecare moment al zilei. O anumită intensitate şi cromatică a luminii poate schimba întreaga atmosferă, conferindu-i creaţiei un farmec aparte.

Light is an important factor, which always gives a different perspective on the artistic product at different times of the day. A certain intensity and colour of light can change the ambience and give the creation a certain allure.

If light helps us highlight the passing of time and the seasons, then the colours help us create certain states of mind. The chromatic highlights we decided to use for the installation shouldn’t diminish the beauty of the environment, but help the viewer perceive it as a whole.

We set the following objectives for this project:

  • to highlight the beauty and the value of this green space. We would like to use the combination of natural beauty and artistic values to educate and satisfy the need for “beauty”, not only of the students, but also of anybody who decides to visit this place.
  • to demonstrate one of the possibilities of using nature as a venue for various cultural and artistic events and to highlight the harmony between creation and nature – divine creation.
  • to further use this space for subsequent art projects and find new means of expression (outdoor round tables, master classes, exhibitions, short concerts, video presentations etc.).
  • and to remind people about the importance of preserving the connection between man and nature.

The installation has “gone” through seven materials and seven colours which personify the world we live in, our evolution etc.: stone (black); wood (orange); metal (yellow); fabric (red); paper (green); glass (blue); shadow (white). The material used for each “passing” through time was meant to demonstrate the fragility of the world we live in and the colours should emphasize this and make it possible for it to “exist” in the space and thereby be completed by nature.

The destruction of our environment can lead to our own destruction, because the connection between US and NATURE is unique.

Natalia Ariton, Coordinator