Alisa Prudnikova

Professional experience

since 2005 Head of the NCCA Yekaterinburg

since 2002 Editor-in-chief of the magazine of creators and consumers of art ZAART

Work experience at the radio station "Echo of Moscow" (the program "Kultpokhod"), publications in Russian and foreign magazines (Kultura, ZAART, Le Tabure, UrFo, Expert-Ural, Logos)

Lecturer of the Ural State University, the chair of museum studies and applied art criticism (lecture courses: "Project Management and PR Technologies in the Sphere of Culture", "Introduction to Contemporary Art").

Projects (organizational, curator activities)

2008 "Product Placement", an exhibition as part of the 10th fair "Art-Perm", in cooperation with V. Seleznev, Perm, Russia

2007 "Performing Light", a retrospective exhibition of Ulay (the Netherlands), the NCCA Yekaterinburg, Moscow

"25 Seconds. Interactive Video Portrait of Contemporary Art Scene", А. Middendorf and A. Schimanski, Contemporary Art Gallery, Yekaterinburg

"Alternative Art of Ural of the Perestroika Period: Movement to the Centre that doesn’t Exist", in cooperation with Т. Galeeva as part of the exhibition "The Raw, the Cooked and the Packaged. The Archive of Perestroika Art", the Kiasma National Museum, Helsinki, Finland; and also as part of the Krasnoyarsk Book Fair, Krasnoyarsk, Russia

"TELECULTURE: Dreams in the EpiCentre", in cooperation with Lee Wells, Maiami, the USA

2006 a program of art projects at the festival "French Spring in Yekaterinburg", Yekaterinburg

"A Collection of Ural Video Art. Part 1", Art Clips Gallery, Yekaterinburg

"Tender Industrial", the Yekaterinburg part of the trans-Russian art project "9000 km", Yekaterinburg

2005 the festival of performance duets "Formula 2", Yekaterinburg

2004 the festival of German Contemporary Art "EUROVISION", (in cooperation with S. Frimmel, Berlin), Yekaterinburg

Conferences (participation, organization)

2004 "Body and Culture", the Russian State University for Humanities, Moscow, Russia

2005 "New Art Studies as Social Examination of Consumer Society Culture", Yekaterinburg

"The Languages of Hostility and the Language of Agreement in the Space of Actual Culture", the Ural Interregional Institute of Social Scinces. Yekaterinburg

"Creative Industries in the Life of Culture and the Life of a City", Interstudio, St. Petersburg, Russia

Alisa Prudnikova
Alisa Prudnikova
Born in 1981

Art critic, curator, member of the Association of Art Critics, head of the NCCA Yekaterinburg
the NCCA Yekaterinburg
Yekaterinburg, Russia

Artist in the project:
Agnes Meyer-Brandis