Dunja Evers

1963 born in Hamburg
lives and works in Düsseldorf 
1982 Akademie der bildenden Künste (Academy of Visual Arts) Vienna 

1997 guest professor for photography at the University of California, Santa Barbara, USA

1996-2000 lecturer for photography, Dortmund University

On Dunja Evers’ exhibition ”I had a Dream”: “Despite knowing the limitations of our senses and their inadequate capacity, we still believe that what we see is reality. But our senses, without mentioning our understanding, are easily confused. With our society’s growing technological capability, reality becomes increasingly elusive: this applies as much for the present as for the past. Reality is neither that which we acknowledge nor that which we remember.

This perception is clearly conveyed through Dunja Evers’ photography. This is because her pictures deny anything easily recognisable. Initially, they seem like empty monochrome paintings, with only an impression as to subject matter. With Dunja Evers, the reproductive aspect of photography is lost in innuendos, virtually becoming an art form in its own right. A connection to concrete motifs is less significant than the effort to convey a mood, subjective by means of both association and feelings. The viewer adopts the reality of the photographs, because the seemingly familiar image is in alignment with subjective memories…”

from: http://www.kuttnersiebert.de/Ausstellungen/evers2004/evers2004_en.htm

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