Eva Leitolf

1966 born in Würzburg
  lives in Los Angeles and Munich

1986-1994 University of Essen
1986-1994 California Institute of the Arts (CalArts), Valencia [CA, USA]

"Photographer Eva Leitolf is not a cheeky observer. On the contrary, when she takes a picture, she does so discreetly. She waits until the moment of greatest intimacy has passed before releasing the shutter. With her, it's all about after-images, and that demands concentration and, above all, an inner assuredness in observation. Happier men watch birds, wrote Evelyn Waugh, but he, a less happy soul, watched people - from the sidelines. The same is true of Eva Leitolf: she observes from the sidelines, but without making us feel the restlessness that drove Waugh both to seek people out and to flee from them. ."

Tobias Rüther on "The Spectators"
from: http://www.evaleitolf.de/on8.html

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