Stefanie Kiwitt

1972 born in Bonn
lives and works in Leipzig 
1994-1997 photographic studies at the Institut for Photography, Opava, Czech Republic

1997-2004 photographic studies at the Hochschule für Grafik und Buchkunst (Academy of Visual Arts) Leipzig, class of Prof. Joachim Brohm

2007 master student of Prof. Timm Rautert

On Stephanie Kiwitt’s work “quartier”: “Dwellings of carton, tarpaulins without rods, tables with three legs: these objects out of use and situations of ‚exceptional circumstances’ are documented by the Leipzig artist Stephanie Kiwitt in her work ‘quartier’. If there is a potential use for these observed constellations in social space stays a question in the background. However, Kiwitt reveals their specific fragili¬ty and odd poetics by displaying the metaphysics that results from human use. She herewith applies the delicately tuned method of “straight photography” that always alludes to the ever present narration but which eventually leaves it open.”


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