Juergen Teller

1964 born in Erlangen
  lives in London

1984-1986 Bayerische Staatslehranstalt für Photographie, Munich

"Teller's is a deceptively casual aesthetic which shifts the focus from seductive surface to affective depth. The emotional range is wide, sometimes brutally direct such as Teller's portrait of chain-smoking, bruised, scarred, and menstruating supermodel Kristen McMenamy (which gave us one of the most iconic fashion images of the 90s). Sometimes poignant - a dead, frozen dog tossed into a dustbin in Czechoslovakia; sometimes quietly humorous - Lola, Teller's baby daughter. Whether photographing Bjork or his brother-in-law, Teller never imposes an image onto his subjects: instead, as if holding up a mirror, he reflects them back to themselves. He leaves us sharing in the moment of intimacy, and a sense that we are looking at fragments of real lives lived."

from: http://www.photonet.org.uk/index.php?plid=420

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