Michael Reisch

1964 born in Aachen

1985 art studies at the Stadsacademie voor toegepaste Kunstn, Maastricht, Netherlands

1986-1991 art studies at the Gerrit-Rietveld-Academie, Amsterdam, Netherlands 

1991 art studies at the Kunstakademie (Arts Academy) Düsseldorf, class of Prof. Bernd Becher 

Rolf Hengesbach on „The subjectless world“: “Reisch’s photographs present a world without resistance and a world without observers. Although their format is comparable in scale to that of the viewer, their subjects make it clear that they have evolved into alien species that increasingly evade the viewer’s control. The presence of structure in the buildings is intensified into something uncanny. In the landscapes, topographic modulation and green growth are transformed into the auto-dynamics of biomass. Both are aloof from human intervention and involved in a process of constant subliminal growth—an autonomous process of formation in which the world no longer offers a point of reference. It is a totalized world in itself in which it is no longer possible to observe the effects or consequences of events precisely. Michael Reisch has created an apt icon for this—the image of a green meadow that expands in all directions with no apparent limits to its potential expansion. It is a world without relationships or place in a larger context. Structures grow uncontrollably from themselves."

from: www.michaelreisch.com/mreischcom/works1enga.htm

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