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© Paul Ploberger Universum Film
© Paul Ploberger Universum Film

Sat. Feb. 4, 2017 12:00 PM
Castro Theatre, San Francisco
Northern California Premiere
115 mins. Germany, Austria (2016). DCP Projection. German w/ English subtitles.
Director: Jakob M. Erwa
Starring: Louis Hofmann, Jannik Schümann, Sabine Timoteo, Ada Philine Stappenbeck
Screenplay: Jakob M. Erwa, based on the novel by Andreas Steinhöfel
Cinematography: The Chau Ngo
Editor: Carlotta Kittel
Producer: Boris Schönfelder
World Sales: m-appeal, Berlin

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Best Feature Film (ex-aequo) winner at the 2016 Florence Queer Festival in Italy and In Competition at the 2016 Moscow International Film Festival in Russia.
After a summer away at camp, Phil returns home to find that his mother and twin sister are not speaking to each another. Not willing to confront his family during the last days of the summer holidays, Phil escapes to hang out with his best friend, Kat, eating ice cream and playing dress-up. As the school year begins, a new student arrives – the handsome and mysterious Nicholas. Smitten, Phil watches his crush as he runs around the track after school, and is thrilled when Nicholas returns his feelings. However, when first love’s volatility comes to light, Phil realizes he must deal with the problems of his past, in order to deal with the issues of his present.

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