Berlin & Beyond

Join us for the 23rd Berlin & Beyond Film Festival, March 8-10 at San Francisco's legendary Castro Theatre with other venues March 11-14. Featuring Opening Night's road comedy "25 km/h."
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© Matthias MatschkeSPOTLIGHT AWARD: BJARNE MÄDEL German news broke that the 2019 Berlin & Beyond Film Festival will honor German actor of cinema, television, and stage Bjarne Mädel as the sixth recipient of the Spotlight Award in Acting.
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© Martin Rattini2019 YOUTH 4 GERMAN CINEMA Our international youth jury chose Tobias Wiemann’s "Mountain Miracle - An Unexpected Friendship" and Florian Ross’s "A Jar Full of Life" as winning films.
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© bombero internationalDEUTSCHE WELLE @ BERLIN & BEYOND Germany's public international broadcaster and festival sponsor Deutsche Welle was in town to cover the festival, including interviews with Lars Eidinger and Simon Verhoeven.
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