#Female Pleasure

Courtesy © Abramorama
Courtesy © Abramorama


Remarks by Director/Writer Barbara Miller: “It's such an honor, joy and great pleasure to receive the Audience Award at the wonderful Berlin & Beyond Film Festival! I want to dedicate this amazing award and recognition by the dedicated audience to the five incredible female protagonists of my film. They are the core and heart of this global-spanning journey into womanhood in the 21st century and the fight and right to self-determined and pleasurable female sexuality for all women and girls worldwide. Being with #FEMALE PLEASURE at the Berlin & Beyond Film Festival at the legendary Castro Theatre, supported by the Swiss Consulate and sharing the podium for the Q&A with three extraordinary women, was an unforgettable experience. Thank you all from the bottom of my heart!”

Feb. 8, 2020 at 4:00 PM
Castro Theatre, San Francisco

San Francisco Premiere
In Person: Director Barbara Miller

101 min. Switzerland, Germany (2018)
English, German, and Japanese w/ English subtitles

Director: Barbara Miller
Producer: Philip Delaquis
Writer: Barbara Miller
Directors of Photography: Gabriela Betschart, Anne Misselwitz
Editor: Isabel Meier
Production: Mons Veneris Films GmbH, Das Kollektiv für audiovisuelle Werke GmbH, Indi Film GmbH, SRF Schweizer Radio und Fernsehen, ARTE G.E.I.E., RTS Radio Télévision Suisse, RSI Radiotelevisione svizzera
US Distributor: Abramorama

Barbara Miller’s feature documentary #Female Pleasure portrays five courageous, smart and self-determined women, breaking the silence imposed by their archaic-patriarch societies and religious communities. With incredible strength and positive energy, Deborah Feldman, Leyla Hussein, Rokudenashiko, Doris Wagner and Vithika Yadav are fighting for sexual liberation and autonomy for women, beyond religious rules and cultural barriers. But their victory comes at a high price: they all have experienced public defamation, threats and prosecutions, have been excommunicated by the society they grew up in and even received death threats by religious leaders and fanatics. #Female Pleasure shows the universal mechanisms at work that determine the position of women until today, spanning cultures, religions and continents: from Japan and India and the Somali Muslim diaspora to the Hasidic community in Brooklyn and the Catholic clergy in Europe. All protagonists have come to the same conclusion: the female body is subjected to male lust and first and foremost meant for procreation, without any regard for female sexual pleasure and autonomy. These women decided to speak up and are the ultimate example on how courage, strength and zest for life can indeed alter societal structures.

#Female Pleasure has screened around the world, and was honored with the Human Rights in Cinema Special Prize of the Jury at the Istanbul International Film Festival, the Premio Zonta Club Award at the prestigious Locarno International Film Festival, and Best Documentary at the Romy Gala in Austria.

This San Francisco premiere is presented in collaboration with the Consulate General of Switzerland in San Francisco with the great support of the initiative Swiss Touch.