Special Guests


© Markus Goller
The 22nd Berlin & Beyond Film Festival warmly welcomes to San Francisco:

© Till Janz

Actor, "The Bloom of Yesterday"

Lars Eidinger will be honored with the 2018 Berlin & Beyond Film Festival Spotlight in Acting. Read his biographical profile.

© Markus Goller

Director/Screenwriter, "My Brother Simple"

Markus Goller was born in 1969 in Munich. He began his career in the film business in the early 1990s as a freelance editor for short films, commercials and documentary films, including German and American feature film productions from 1996 on. His second directorial work Friendship! was a surprise hit with over 1.6 million admissions. Eine ganz heiße Nummer (2010/11) and Mrs. Ella (2012/13) were also box office hits in Germany. My Brother Simple (2016/17) is his sixth directorial work. In 2017 Markus Goller directed and produced with his production company, Sunny Side Up, the road movie 25 km/h.

© Marcus Hoehn

Director, "Godless Youth"

Alain Gsponer was born in 1976 in Zürich. He studied at the Baden-Württemberg Film Academy in Ludwigsburg. His mid-length graduation film, Kiki and Tiger (2002), won the Max Ophüls Festival Audience Award and was shown around the world. His feature debut, Rose (2005), won the German Television Award for Best Film. This was followed by the tragicomedy Das wahre Leben (2006) and two adaptations of books by best-selling author Martin Suter, Lila, Lila (2009) and Der letzte Weynfeldt (2010), which won the Swiss Television Award for Best Film. After directing the adaptation of the classic children’s book, The Little Ghost (2013), his new vision of Heidi (2015) became the highest-grossing Swiss film in local box office ever. His latest film is the adaptation of Ödön von Horváth’s “Jugend ohne Gott”.

© Nadja Klier

Actor, "My Brother Simple" and "Text for You"

Frederick Lau will be honored with the 2018 Berlin & Beyond Film Festival Spotlight in Acting. Read his biographical profile.

© Alan Ovaska

Director/Screenwriter, "Welcome to Germany"

Simon Verhoeven was born in 1972 in Munich. He studied Performing Arts at the Lee Strasberg Theater Institute in New York, Film Music at Berklee College of Music in Boston and Film Directing at the Tisch School of the Arts in New York. He has appeared as an actor in numerous television and feature films. In addition to numerous music videos and short films, his feature films as a director include: 100 Pro (2001), Men in the City 1 & 2 (2009 & 2011), Unfriend (2014), and Welcome to Germany (2016), which garnered over 4.2 million admissions, and was honored with the German Film Award LOLA, the Bavarian Film Award for Best Film, the BAMBI for National Film and numerous other awards. It was also nominated for European Comedy at the European Film Awards.