André Rösler

Mia with the hat

Karin Koch (Text)
André Rösler (Illustrationen)
Wuppertal: Peter Hammer Verlag, 2007
47 S.
ISBN 978-3-7795-0150-3
5 Years and older

When Mia’s great-grandfather dies, she inherits his old hat and starts wearing it. Her schoolfriends tease her about it. All except Abadi, the new boy. He has a black skin, black hair and shining eyes and comes from Africa. Abadi thinks Mia’s hat is pretty and says he would like to be friends with her. Every morning they go to school together and in the afternoon, they look for treasures, tracks and secret messages. Abadi, however, suffers hostile treatment at the hands of his fellow pupils. On his way to school, he is pushed around and insulted because of his skin colour and Mia is teased because of her friendship with Abadi. She denies being friends with him and suddenly Abadi no longer waits for her after school and does not want to be her friend any longer either. Mia is disappointed and also angry.

When the teacher sees the sentence “Foreigners out” in Mia’s schoolbook and asks her parents to come to school, Mia suddenly becomes the outsider. Children avoid her and laugh at her. Finally, Abadi explains to the teacher what happened and how the sentence came to be in Mia’s book. Mia is glad about Abadi’s intervention but Abadi is still not smiling and is also not waiting for her after school. Only when Mia stands by his side when the other children insult him again, shouting “Foreigners out”, do they become true friends. Abadi once again waits for her and now he also wears a hat – a magic hat that protects him.

Karin Koch: Mia mit dem Hut
(Mia with the hat)

The children’s book “Mia with the hat” tells the story of Mia and Abadi and how they become friends.More ...